“Discovering Karol Rathaus” -a Film Project about Karol Rathaus

Karol Rathaus @Wikimedia Commons

“Composer Karol Rathaus, one of the brightest rising stars of Weimar Republic classical music scene, leaves Germany to escape prosecution by the Nazis. Tormented by the fears of losing his newly found home in America, uncertain of his ethno-cultural self-identification, and refusing to adapt to fashionable musical trends, he descents from prominence into obscurity”

I’ve just discovered this great film-project about the life of Karol Rathaus: “The story of Karol Rathaus is told through the eyes of a young pianist, Sergei, a graduate of Aaron Copland School of Music, which Rathaus helped to found. Sergei, himself an immigrant, learns about Rathaus and his music through a chance encounter, and is dismayed that a composer of Rathaus’ stature is completely forgotten. He takes it upon himself to tell Rathaus’ story and to bring Rathaus’ name and his music back from obscurity.”

The film will be featuring inter alia: Maestro Leon Botstein, Maestro Kenneth Woods. Michael Haas and June Rathaus!

All the details can be found here.