Berlin,19 December 2016

Remembering the victims of the terror attack on December 19th 2016 in Berlin. I was exactly there few days before. I like Christmas-time in Berlin. But now we are victims of people without culture who understand only hate  and violence.  

Kulturkalender – Dezember

2.12 Wien, Konzerthaus – Krenek: Konzert für Violine und Orchester Op.29; Mahler: Das                         klagende Lied (Link) 3./4.12 Würzburg, Neubaukirche – Martin: Le Mystère de la Nativité (Link) 5.12 Wien, Konzerthaus, sowie 7.12 Essen, Philharmonie und 10.12 Ludwigsburg, Theater              am Schlosspark – Beethoven: AnContinue reading “Kulturkalender – Dezember”